Blackjack online

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Blackjack online like other casino online gambling such as poker online , roulette online and blackjack online is a game of numbers that requires good counting skills and basic probability theory knowledge. This article is devoted to the most common blackjack online mistakes that are made by casino online gamblers.

First of all one should always know that a great number of gamblers lose when they play blackjack online due to their greediness and inability to quit the game. Online blackjack losses may be explained by lots of factors starting with unlucky day and ending with wrongly chosen online casino. It’s important to be a realist. You won’t win millions at once that’s why it’s better to stop when winning some or much money. Before gambling determine your exact win and loss sum and when reaching it while gambling stop and come to gamble another time.
Many gamblers consider that it’s easier to win in blackjack due to the application of Math strategies. For example according to the probability theory one should draw one more card (hit) if having 12-16 points while the dealer’s only card gives him 10. But in fact lots of mathematicians state that over 30% of gamblers lose while making that mistake. But they consider that it’s more effective to be careful and watch for aces, tens, kings, queens and jacks running out.
Another frequent mistake is made when drawing double fives and double fours. Many tend to split considering that in those cases 15 points are guaranteed. In fact it is safer to do hit or doubling (double only according to the dealer’s card). It is recommended to apply basic blackjack online strategy the essence of which is to learn how to determine when one needs to take one more card and when not.